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​Få ekstra utbytte av treningen med Sonys EXTRA BASS™ treningsøreplugger

Pressemelding   •   okt 12, 2016 13:32 CEST

  • EXTRA BASS™ treningsørepluggene MDR-XB80BS og MDR-XB50BS tar treningen til et nytt nivå
  • Gjør spennende musikkopplevelser til en del av hverdagen med MDR-XB70BT
  • Trådløs Bluetooth-tilkobling slik at du slipper å irritere deg over ledninger

Tre nye, trådløse øreplugger fra Sony er nå tilgjengelig for å gi deg det lille ekstra på trening og i en aktiv livsstil.

Se mer informasjon om de nye MDR-XB80BS, MDR-XB50BS og MDR-XB70BT i den fullstendige pressemeldingen nedenfor.

Pris og tilgjengelighet:

MDR-XB80BS, MDR-XB50BS og MDR-XB70BT er allerede tilgjengelig, og har følgende veiledende priser:

MDR-XB80BS – 1,500 kroner

MDR-XB50BS – 850 kroner

MDR-XB70BT – 950 kroner


Go harder, faster and stronger with Sony EXTRA BASS™ Sports Bluetooth® In-ear Headphones

  • Two new sports headphones with EXTRA BASS™ sound to enhance your performance
  • One new everyday neckband style pair of headphones with the same bass heavy sound
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity so you don’t need to worry about getting tangled up in wires
  • Easy operation so nothing interrupts your day

Available now, three new Sony wireless headphones give you the perfect soundtrack to your workout and active lifestyle. Whether you’re in the gym or out on the water rowing, you can enjoy the deep powerful sound from EXTRA BASS™ to boost your performance. Then again, there is the perfect pair to simply go about your day wire free comfortably chatting on the phone. Choose a pair to be your new fitness companion, ready for the healthy choices you make in time for the New Year.

Forget about getting your wires in a tangle when you wirelessly connect any of these headphones to your smartphone and bring your music and podcasts with you wherever you go. Using LDAC[1] and Bluetooth they stream the highest possible audio quality and all have a long battery life, of at least seven hours, meaning you don’t have to cut short your favourite sport.

The washable and wireless MDR-XB80BS

The winning formula for these sports headphones is the IPX5 rating, meaning you can use these headphones come rain or shine and wash them after a heavy session. With seven hours battery life and at a light 27g, the MDR-XB80BS is hassle free, allowing you to focus on your exercise.

Keep these on your head securely with ear hooks and cable adjusters whilst being able to enjoy unrestricted movement. These wireless headphones also have different ear bud sizes, come in a portable carry pouch.

Keeping exercise simple and easy with MDR-XB50BS

Be ready for any splash that comes your way, run in the rain or go sweat it out lifting weights utilising the MDR-XB50BS IPX4 rating. EXTRA BASS™ sound performance lets you’ll become lost deep within in the music for even longer with eight and a half hours battery life.

The simple two button operation of these wireless headphones makes them easy to answer a phone call, skip a song or pause your music. Arc supporters mean that these headphones are sure to be a secure fit in the ear, allowing you to have a fun and flexible workout, whilst remaining stylish.

Lose yourself for hours with the MDR-XB70BT

With an amazing nine hours battery life, the MDR-XB70BT wireless headphones are the best option for a weekend wondering or your daily commute. Wireless Bluetooth with NFC means that the connection between your phone and headphones is as simple as it can be. You can even use the in-built mic and HD Voice support to take hands-free phone calls that just can’t wait.

These ultra-portable headphones have a flexible behind-the-neck style perfect for listening to bass heavy music anywhere. Lightweight and comfortable they make sure you keep moving for hours on end. The simple three button operation makes your daily life that little bit easier.

[1]available with XB80BS

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Sony er en verdensledende produsent innenfor lyd, video, spill, kommunikasjons- og informasjonsteknologiske produkter for både forbrukere og profesjonelle. Med sin musikk-, bilde-, dataunderholdning- og online-virksomhet, er Sony unikt posisjonert til å være det ledende elektronikk- og underholdningsselskapet i verden. Sony registrerte en årlig omsetning på ca. 72 milliarder dollar for regnskapsåret som endte 31. mars 2016. For mer informasjon om Sony, vennligst besøk www.sony.net